NO WAY IT ENDS LIKE THAT | Little Nightmares 2 - Part 5 (END)

27. feb. 2021
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I can't believe they hit us with this ending to Little Nightmares 2
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  • When six is captured, tortured, and deformed, time is not the same for you as it is for her, She gets VERY familiar with the thin man, and when she grabs your hand it's the first tie she ever gets a really good look at your face. She recognizes you as a younger version of the guy who turned her into a monster. Trying to end the cycle, she drops you and, unknown to her, sets it in place. She betrays you, so you become the thin man, so you hunt her down and capture her, so she recognizes you, so she betrays you, so you become the thin man, and on and on forever.

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  • No third game is really painful. Feels like there are so many loose ends.

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  • Here's the thing. If Six didn't care about you anymore, she wouldn't have caught you in the first place. The fact that she caught you and _then_ let go is a testament to the fact that she changed her mind only after she already caught you, so she definitely cared about you up until then.

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  • He isn't the thin man because she let go She let go because he is the thin man Do you get me? When Six held his hand in the last part, she saw his face; The thin man's face. And after all she had gone through because of him, she let go. Little did she know that would just continue the cycle.

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  • AYO THAT ENDING *chefs kiss

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  • So he was basically trying to save himself from six??🤔

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  • i have a theory, so in the 2nd game, six gets grabbed by the big tall dude with the hat and then turns into the glitchy version as we saw, and eventually turns into the six from the first game and then she goes through that and then eventually turns into the monster.

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  • Jack in the end of the dlc for little nightmares 1 you see the tall man aka mono aka the kid with the bag he escape some how and Gose after six we don’t know how but in the end mono is on a tv at the maw you can see his silhouette and he’s coming for six to get revenge that’s what the next game is going to about I think that’s my Siri backed up by a lot of evidence

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  • Press read more to find out the entire lore... ur mom

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  • If you think about it, the tall man didn't harm you, just the yellow raincoat girl, kidnapped her, but not him, maybe she is the antagonist 👀

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  • They making a Part 3 ??? Perhaps

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  • FIRST OFF, why would you set the thumbnail as a spoiler!

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  • it's so cool to be able to look back at all of the foreshadowing knowing the ending. mono's time in solitary confinement is shown in certain rooms on each section throughout the game (like the "time out" rooms in the school section). i wonder if the number of years/days marked on the wall would've been accurate if they were counted in those rooms?

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  • Jack, Six had the raincoat already in the first game. She got it later on in this game. This is obviously a prequel.

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  • how is no one taking about how jack uses they/them pronouns for Six???

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  • He was actually trying to save himself

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  • I have to say this. After the betrayal, Six gets hungry...what if she’s hungry for power?

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  • There’s a theory that because Six is a cannibal, she let Mono go so she wouldn’t eat him. She was so hungry she would rather let her friend die in a pit then in her stomach.

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  • I always got bad vibes from six and I was right all along... that little shit

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  • Id theorize that the glitch children might be their souls? Or like the part that is keeping them human after being taken, because not long after Six is separated from her glitchy soul thing they become that long janky creature. It would also make sense that 6 let mono go because they recognized his face as the tall dude without the bag.

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  • it’s so fucking sad how six’s betrayal affected mono so much that he submitted to defeat and his greatest fear (being alone). especially as such a persistent and compassionate character. but i feel shitty for six too, her trauma made her do all that shit.

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  • Jack gets betrayed Also jack: YOU ASSHOOoooleeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  • When six is in that kind of play room it reminds me of spirited away when the big baby started having a tantrum

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  • "And now he's hungry" *Doritos add plays* perfect.

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  • Does anyone else remember the theme tune? Because nobody mentions it

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  • This is jarringly good. Mono starts off as friendly and willing to help Six. As their journey continues, they grow to trust Six. Then, older Mono (hat man) goes to grab them, upsetting current Mono. Realizing their power to manipulate reality, they go and kill hat Mono, and proceed to go after the one person they trust -only for them to be betrayed and they get trapped as a result. This gives Mono the motive to capture them and mutilate them, much like the people they feared and ran from. Unfortunately, because they mess with reality, their life is in a constant loop of hatred, fear, loneliness and betrayal, like a recurring nightmare.

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  • They’re stuck in a time loop. That means that Mono (as the thin man) was trying to save himself. If he never saved Six he could break this loop. But this isn’t possible. Anything that would break the time loop would create a time paradox and causes everything to end. Only younger Mono can change their ending. But after becoming the Thin Man he began killing small kids to search for Six. But we can’t blame Six. She was already messed up and abused. And when she finally gets a look at Mono’s face she realizes it’s the same face that tortured her, it’s understandable that she retracts her’s not her fault. She’s just a kid. She has no idea what she caused. The real nightmare is that Mono is doomed to watch himself relive the same fate over and over again.

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  • THEORY: When six killed a kid for no reason except for revenge, she showed a dark personality of herself. When she was captured by the tower, it took that darkness and turned into the monster. The tower also took form of the music box that six was protecting so that it could control six. That’s why when mono destroyed it, six came back to normal. In the ending, it looks like six was gonna leave but then doubles back to save you. I think she doubled back because in the first game, you can see she has the power to absorb other people’s power so when six caught mono by the arm, she did that just so that she could absorb his power of moving through the TVs. She also decides to leave him because of your friend has even more power than someone you and your friend are trying to kill, you would probably be kind of scared too. She also may have thought that he would turn on her one day and try to kill her with his powers. When six let mono go, mono’s innocent mind quickly turned into an angry and dark mind. When he fell to the bottom and sat on the chair, the signal tower was slowly eating away at his anger for six and in the process, turning him into the thin man. This makes the cycle repeat itself over and over because with monos new powers it is possible he can travel though TV screens to go to the past and future. He would always go to his younger self to try to lure him into opening the door that it trapping him. Each time that he does get untrapped, he also tries to kill six for his revenge and because of six isn’t alive, she can’t drop him into the bottoms of the tower meaning he is never trapped and would also finally break the cycle that gives eternal torment. But whenever he wants to kill six, he is always bested by his younger self meaning that he will always be trapped in the eternal loop of being betrayed, turning into a monster, almost killing six, and being killed by his younger self.

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  • Life’s greatest questions 1) how the universe began 2) what is the meaning of life 3) how did the chair grow with mono/Thin man

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  • after watching the entire series and reading these comments, i will never look at the world the same

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  • “He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

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  • Mono and Six would run away from adult life? Are they afraid of growing up? The adult world is empty, lifeless, heartless, very strict. The adults of this world (actually monsters) are nothing more than puppets, and these 2 children become enemies, because they represent youth, joy, innocence, beauty, recklessness, the future. Kids don't really like school which is a way to become adult. In general, children are very afraid to grow up. In this phantom world, there is no longer any real reason to live. Perhaps the protagonists dread this passage to adulthood? Maybe they refuse to be brainwashed? Humans are nothing more than a reflection of themselves, brutal, blind robots, lobotomized monsters (by television in particular), and are constantly watched, under control. They have lost love, freedom, sociability, closeness. When we grow up we lose our carelessness, we realize that people can be very dishonest and very fake. The world is filled with disgusting beings constantly searching for power. When we are children, we are especially afraid of being alone. Betrayal is also part of human life, it often happens during a friendship. This is especially what breaks a friendship. So we end up alone ... Like Mono 🙁. So the Thin Man was trying to save himself (Mono) from a part of his childhood that really broke his heart ? Beacuse it happens again and again, he knew Six would drop his hand... Maybe Six chose to become more powerful so she had to make it all alone... This game gives us a wonderful allegory of growing up in our society. This is just my theory 👏👏👏

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  • At the end, I desperately wanted to give mono a hug an hold his hand when he was sitting on the chair

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  • HUGE SPOILER ALERT FOR LITTLE NIGHTMARES II THEORY YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ THEORY I really have always seen this as a child trafficking huge metaphor and the struggles of kids that go through this and to try and escape it. I feel like six had her innocence destroyed when mono smashed her only source of comfort. which was the only thing keeping her more pure in a sense, reminding her of a time when she was a kid, and clutching onto the last good thing she had, then him destroying it made her face the harsh reality and made her more jaded, she already had violent and dark tendencies and this pushed her over the edge, i also think that her realizing mono and the thin man are the same purely cause HE removed his face cover and its the first time she saw his face and she thus connected the dots and dropped him in that moment. She probably felt manipulated by him he had been trying to "save" her but all this time they only got into more and more trouble together and she thought having him around only brought more danger and for half the game HE was the danger and she didn't kno his true motives once she realized they were the same person. MONO removing his bag was HUGE SYMBOLIC moment PLUS SIX hasn't seen his face, she's seen the Thin mans face tho, and now that she SAW they were the same person (one just older & with the powers to travel thro time and space) SHE then drops him for fear of him hurting her again not realizing she sealed his horrific fate.... thats my idea ]ALSO the jingle, i highly think SIX is the geisha's daughter and she sold six to child trafficking, and THUS why six makes her mom be defeated by showing her a mirror basically saying LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE DONE! THIS IS WHO U ARE! In addition the geisha was humming that tone as well and when six betrays mono and walks away we hear the jingle but its DARK and more menacing as if it means something different now that she has had to face all the horrors she has, and its no longer a comfort source but a source of hate, and bitterness, and vengeance on the Geisha woman, I feel like the dark version of six happens when she is taken by the Thin man and him bringing her to that entity gave her some of its powers when it changed her and since she was successfully reversed back to normal she harnessed some power that created an ever-growing hunger and emptiness inside her, THIS THING that broadcasts the signals for the TV and sucks the lifeforce from people till they are husks of a human and animalistic and doing the TV broadcast bidding, is an ever growing and greedy entity. (my idea is the rich and greedy of the world that twist the world to their favor thus making it dark and creating Evil = greed Which can never be fulfilled) And Six has had a part of that now in her, and its only manageable with devouring life, which is why even tho she has other options she chooses to kill a living thing and devour it. I feel like this is a person (six) wanting rectification of the cruel world but doing it in the most twisted way to satiate her own vengeance. Once the protags now free from her trafficking enslavement and has the power to take out her enemies she does so with no remorse and indulging in her own bloodlust after being the punching bag for so long she allowed herself to literally go to the dark side. Thanks for coming to my ted talk please leave comments id LOVE to hear ur take on it too!!! Little NightmaresLittle Nightmares II I LOVE THIS WORLD AND HOW OPEN IT IS FOR DISCUSSIONS ❤ P.S. I feel like also the Thin man is trying to just stop the cycle but to do so he needs power cause he knows younger self is stronger than him and to keep himself alive he does the bidding of the entity to stay alive and try to break the cycle (very good metaphor for people doing what they have to to survive in this cruel world but in doing so are adding to the problem themselves)

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  • Is so interesting that yellow color represents betrayal, everything in this game has meaning

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  • This was crazy 😳

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  • I think mono (older) was trying to stop six of betraying him again. He was trying to fix it so he wouldn’t have to be stuck down there again.

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  • why did six leave him? also im do this XD jacksepticeye: six why..? six:... jacksepticeye: SIKE *uno reverce card* haha! six: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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    • lol

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  • Jack said "long live the king" in oblivious premonition (some time between the last episode and this one) before six inevitably dropped mono to his doom

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  • They gotta make a third game they just have to we need our happy ending where six and mono eat ice cream on the beach tougher 🥺

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  • At 15:29 six betrayed the kid lol screw u six!!!!! 😡

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  • Having played the game now, it really seems like they timed events too tightly. INSIDE used an adaptive timer on events to slightly tweak event timings so that no minor mistake would cause failure. Events here are fully timed out, so if at any point you make a minor mistake it will cause you to fail, but it might not be until late in the chase you find out. Great game, but needs some tweaks.

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  • The only way to save Mono from the man he becomes in future and to end his loop is.. by stop playing the game XD

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  • When I started playing little nightmares I had no idea you played it

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  • Six went: "Long live the king."

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  • My theory is that both games are like in a time loop if mono is fighting his grown up self, the woman in the first game could be grownup six

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  • Six is the lady from the first game

    Daniel MartinDaniel MartinPred 7 dnevi
  • I really love this game but the ending makes me want to die holy fuck

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  • She did that because you broken the box

    Bray mBray mPred 7 dnevi
  • His name IS MONO

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  • Six is the lady in the maw

  • His name is mono

  • The maw

  • Its a infinite cycle

  • the tower is corupting everything

  • Your titles became so clickbaity its disgusting. Another clone You sicken me

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  • I don't think you killed the tall man, I think he possessed you and that's why Six let go

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  • Does this mean that littler nightmares is officially a sequel? It makes more sense that way. Could this mean Six left the Maw to find her soul?

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  • If some of you been wondering is the thin man trap in the signal tower Well..... no and heres why .If the thin man is trap in the tower then who made the glitch children that mono faund before he free the thin man

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  • Theres a good endingtoo

    Ashley DalyAshley DalyPred 9 dnevi
  • Man these games are sad😔

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  • I think the person in the first game hanging is mono, but ya know as the tall fella.

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  • So basically, when (new) Mono goes through the door in the TV, (future) Mono stands up off of the chair and starts walking towards *past* Mono. Right? It's a time loop, in a sense. Every time the new mono goes after six and breaks their music box. Leading to six's betrayal. The loop starts over. :/ Wow, what a bizarre game.

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  • I can't believe Jack doesn't realise about growing up.

    Arvind RajArvind RajPred 9 dnevi
  • Am I the only one who thinks this game was just about exsplainig shadow six, like nothing else is important but the origin of shadow six.

    Sir PriseSir PrisePred 9 dnevi
  • bruh wait cause six really isn’t that bad and neither is mono cause it’s a whole loop the tall guy gets six and not mono as revenge and then when six comes back what if six knew that the tall guy was mono and was like “ew this guy kidnaps me and makes me long maybe i can stop it” tries to kill mono but then that only makes him into the tall guy so then it’s a whole loop of betrayal

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  • This was cool ok byeeeee

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  • Bye

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  • Ok i’m about to go to bed in real life guys

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  • Mono has been The tall man this whole time

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  • I know it was already behind the door because I’ve watched this before

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  • It’s the tall man

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  • 😟😟😟

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  • OMG

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  • Wow he’s growing

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  • My dad bought this iPad and then he gave it to me and then I don’t know how there’s a picture of Him but whenever six dropped there hand that was sad🥺🥺🥺🥺

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  • At the end I really thought that you were gonna turn into the janitor and then six starts her adventure in little nightmares 1 :(

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  • Mono: ... Runnaway kid: ... Mono: Six? Runnaway kid: yeah...

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  • Wikipedia says "If the player has found all of the collectible glitching ghosts, a final scene shows Six exiting the television portal and encountering her shadow self, which gestures to a pamphlet on the floor advertising the Maw. Six's stomach growls with hunger." i-

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  • A couple interesting comments by Little nightmares official may explain why Six dropped Mono like "The Transmission's specialty is offering its viewers a story that they'll never want to end, no matter the cost." and "Extracting someone from a fantasy can be deeply upsetting for everyone involved." which would make a lot of sense, you've seen and been through terrible things through out the game and though she's been warped into a monster, she finally seems content. She's safe and in a room filled toys you've seen through out the game and the music box that soothed her in the hunter's cabin. It's only when you try to destroy her music box that she becomes aggressive at all, she backs away when you first come in but when you call her she scoots closer to you and puts the music box in front of you both, at that point it's obvious she not only recognizes you without a mask/hat but still trusts you enough to calm down and come closer

    Shiro OkamiShiro OkamiPred 10 dnevi
  • As soon as I realized this was the prequal I knew Mono would end up with a fate worse than death. I was right. And now Mono is forever trapped in a continuous loop, constantly being defeated by his younger self. (Played the game twice already, nearly 3 times. The 3rd time I wanted to get all the collectables and get all the achievements. Turns out you have to wear a certain Hat per chapter to get a different achievement. Also you need a special add on to get the gnome hat.).

    Jet BlackJet BlackPred 10 dnevi
  • In the case of Mono, we can unfortunately say the he lived long enough to see himself become the villain. However, in the case of Six, one day she will have lived long enough to realize that she was the villain.

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  • the game is called little nightmares because we play as the monsters. We are the nightmares of the big dudes.

    Felipe ViegasFelipe ViegasPred 11 dnevi
  • im glad you played this cuz i would NOT be able to make it through the hospital stage

    Rin Izunia IVRin Izunia IVPred 11 dnevi
  • That is a fucking beast of a game to watch, thanks Jack

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  • Seeing some comments I think both games are timeloops. Little Nightmares I is about The Lady timeline, and considering that the Thin Man is a future Mono, I’m assuming that The Lady is the future version of Six. They are both in a timeline where they kill their further selves and the become it, and so on.

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  • “Thank you six” ... “six?” 💀

    Baileigh TahlulahBaileigh TahlulahPred 11 dnevi
  • I hope you'll try genshin impact, Jack! It's a free to play game with amazing graphics and music! ❤️

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  • The man hanged in the first game seems to be a reference to the mobile game Very Little Nightmares, not Mono. Besides I don't think Mono as the thin man can ever leave the loop he's in, so he couldn't be in the maw.

    Débora GavieiroDébora GavieiroPred 11 dnevi
  • 16:18 Is it me or did Mono only dreamed that event, because it should make him lie down that floor if he was falling, instead of that case, he instead wakes up standing on his feet with his one hand holding his head, as some form he had a bad dream or a nightmare. It's just my theory.

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  • 5:52 Music box obtained the skill "Shield countermeasure defense."

    Astro WatcherAstro WatcherPred 12 dnevi
  • Mono Is The Thin Man

    shandria wlynne Pinuelashandria wlynne PinuelaPred 12 dnevi
  • The moral of the story: all girls are the same

    KadinKadinPred 12 dnevi
  • maybe six really is evil, that she dropped mono just because, but i really don't think that after all they went through together she would just drop him out of malicious intent. i think she knew who he would grow up to be and was trying to save him, inevitably starting (or restarting) the loop. then comes the questions: do we truly ever escape our fate? can we actually change what we are destined to become? six being the lady and mono being the thin man, maybe she was even trying to save herself too. maybe she thought that by dropping him it would save her from becoming her true self. it all comes down to her trying to stop the loop only doomed to live it

    Rat PunkRat PunkPred 12 dnevi
  • We didn't see the Tall Man actually die, I believe he was just stopped by Mono which was his plan as he wanted Mono to awaken his powers so he'd become him.

    TheBrownTown007TheBrownTown007Pred 12 dnevi
  • This is a prequel, the secret ending reveals that. I don't think the Tall Man is dead, I believe he's still hunting Six and that is why Six goes to the Maw, to get the powers of the Lady and fight him, because at the end of the Little Nightmares 1 DLC we see the Tall Man in a TV, so revealing this game is a prequel means the Tall Man is still alive.

    TheBrownTown007TheBrownTown007Pred 12 dnevi
  • 29:53 how did the mouse keep moving when jack's hands are up?

    Mohamed SamehMohamed SamehPred 12 dnevi
  • Mono is the invisbale man that’s why he gets hit powers

    Br0kenTrashcann288 JollyBr0kenTrashcann288 JollyPred 12 dnevi
  • I think this was the first part then 6 goes to the ship she got rescued then went onto the boat which is in little nightmares 1

    Ms VexxMs VexxPred 12 dnevi
  • Me: cryng why six betrayed mono. So i search in google Google:because six was hungry so six didn’t bring mono. Me: being relieved

    Ochaco UrarakaOchaco UrarakaPred 12 dnevi