I Set Off 1,000 Fireworks And Broke Reality in Fireworks Mania

3. apr. 2021
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I set off 1,000 fireworks and broke reality in Fireworks Mania
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  • What was your favourite firework??

    jacksepticeyejacksepticeyePred 18 dnevi
    • Church

      Corona virusCorona virusPred 4 dnevi

      Austin The gamerAustin The gamerPred 4 dnevi
    • Well yes but yes

      NothingNothingPred 4 dnevi
    • THE One that destroyed THE gas station

      epic gamerepic gamerPred 4 dnevi
    • The Propane Tanks

      Blue Hair BoyBlue Hair BoyPred 4 dnevi
  • I think I've been blinded

    NuggetTatoNuggetTatoPred 14 minutami
  • I love your videos they always make me laugh. Hope you do another one of these fireworks videos again.

    SongoritaSongoritaPred 20 minutami
  • 14:35 i litterally had to set down my bowl of cereal so i wouldnt fucking spit milk out

    Jacalynn HalbertJacalynn HalbertPred 36 minutami
  • Who the hell called in a airstrike from hell

    Liam SkeenLiam SkeenPred 37 minutami
  • This is a message for all the firework seller out there: NEVER SELL REAL FIREWORK TO JACK or he will use them as bombs.

    Anaëlle PichéAnaëlle PichéPred 59 minutami
  • wow i didnt know hello neighbor got this update

    PandaPlayzPandaPlayzPred uro
  • In that level there is a huge firework hidden in one of the buildings.

    Timothy reeceTimothy reecePred uro
  • Texas churches be like 12:37

    Lucas PadillaLucas PadillaPred 2 urami
  • The game is crazy I'm gonna download this

    Dyllen LewisDyllen LewisPred 3 urami
  • 20:48 Big Bang all over again

    Toasty_ Not_foundToasty_ Not_foundPred 3 urami
  • "and if that's not enough we have "boom boom" - said jack

    Ella FairElla FairPred 4 urami
  • This is now one of my newest favorite videos!!!!!! When he blows up the gas station is now an instant classic!!!! Lmao!!!!

    W4rr10r8 GamerW4rr10r8 GamerPred 4 urami
  • 19:42 how world war 2 started

    HOT ROD BOY 900HOT ROD BOY 900Pred 5 urami
  • Oh and my favorite firework is the Propane tank

    victoria Kellyvictoria KellyPred 5 urami
  • Don’t worry that’s made on SLworlds or thought about the same thing because he thought that he would beast in huge sins if he deleted a bunch of fireworks in a church so that was insane Indious of burning entire block to you but still whatever by jack.

    victoria Kellyvictoria KellyPred 5 urami
  • The 24/7 convince store was in kill it with fire, no?

    Sans_ DaddySans_ DaddyPred 6 urami
  • Sean didn’t say screw you billy!

    Ryan_gamingRyan_gamingPred 6 urami
  • 4:00 how world war 3 sounds like

    Gustavo RuizGustavo RuizPred 7 urami
  • This entire video is hyperspeed in a nutshell

    KermitKermitPred 7 urami
  • Imma have to get this

    Cooper QuinnCooper QuinnPred 7 urami
  • 12:37 *God has entered the server*

    TX WalkingBananaTX WalkingBananaPred 7 urami
  • "24/7 convenience?" **screaming**

    Alex Is GayAlex Is GayPred 7 urami
  • Ok, who gave Jack PROPANE TANKS

    Katelyn BrzozowskiKatelyn BrzozowskiPred 8 urami
  • sorry jack

    Svetlana VenturaSvetlana VenturaPred 8 urami

    Svetlana VenturaSvetlana VenturaPred 8 urami
  • Still hoping for Episode 2 of this.

    SereomontisSereomontisPred 8 urami
  • After the prudution of this video jack will get war flashbacks every 4th of july

    Michael WollenbergMichael WollenbergPred 8 urami
  • Jacks eyes lighting up a he blew up the church just makes me smile

    Clay KoepselClay KoepselPred 9 urami
  • If you go into the building in front of the gas station. blow off the doors. and get inside, there's a firework called Tim. you cant spawn them, you have to reload the game and find them each time. but they always are in the same spot.

    Kevin SmithKevin SmithPred 9 urami
  • Is that Box 16 in the background at the start???

    Andrew SeiskeAndrew SeiskePred 10 urami
  • This takes me back to Gbombs in Garrys mod

    Noble actualNoble actualPred 10 urami
  • df made an eploson 1000 times biger

    Nolan CawoodNolan CawoodPred 10 urami
  • At 20:24 it was like using through out 1 mil candelas

    Jordan StrothersJordan StrothersPred 10 urami
  • You missed the giant firework bomb

    William OWilliam OPred 11 urami
  • Weeee ready yaaa

    Jahlon BassJahlon BassPred 11 urami
  • Hey jack, could you do another episode on this? I actually really enjoyed this and I’m sure others really did as well. ☘️

    AidsシAidsシPred 11 urami
  • Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🎊🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨✨✨🧨✨🧨✨🎉🎇🎆

    Leticia BrantleyLeticia BrantleyPred 11 urami
  • this is what i see in my dreams... HELL

    W.D GasterW.D GasterPred 11 urami
  • The septic eye is absolutely going to be added to the game from this video alone.

    No ThanksNo ThanksPred 11 urami
  • I heard _Danganronpa_ music at the beginning. I need to start playing that again.

    Ian WintersIan WintersPred 12 urami
  • me watching this a 3am me eyes, U bEtTeR StOp

    mastercool Gamesmastercool GamesPred 12 urami
  • I'm scared of myself!

    Eri FoxEri FoxPred 13 urami
  • Captainsauce and Jack did a lot of the same things in this game

    Iver Duane NeffeIver Duane NeffePred 13 urami
  • This was a very fun and epic video, how couldn’t I like this after the enjoyment?

    Connor MoroneyConnor MoroneyPred 13 urami
  • If Sean ever made a speedcore/extratone song, it would sound like this: 12:38

    PovilazPovilazPred 14 urami
  • hmm yes HeLlO nEiGhBoR

    Joshua BallJoshua BallPred 15 urami
  • 0:20

    Kemas AnugrahKemas AnugrahPred 16 urami
  • Ah, yes. Hello neighbor.

    JJPred 16 urami
  • Jack forgot "TIM"

    Noel CalvianNoel CalvianPred 16 urami
  • This might be the one game that is louder than Seán’s scream

    Joshua McMastersJoshua McMastersPred 17 urami
    • Ha

      Amelie CampbellAmelie CampbellPred 16 urami
  • More plz that was amazing 👏👏👏👏👏

    Mr someone -_-Mr someone -_-Pred 17 urami
  • theres actually a secret bomb in a garage of a house

    LocalFriendly cloudLocalFriendly cloudPred 18 urami
  • 0:53: quick! call the cops immediately!

    Kylie WellsKylie WellsPred 19 urami
  • 12:37 that looked so wrong LMAOOO

    Mar KunMar KunPred 19 urami
  • modern seamus finnigan

    Chelsea MChelsea MPred 19 urami
  • u didnt put enough fire works u need to put so many ur recording breaks

    demonboiii 0demonboiii 0Pred 20 urami
  • That was fucking insane!

  • DaniMilkMan would be proud

    rob10x_girl was not here.rob10x_girl was not here.Pred 21 uro
  • A small nuclear bomb was dropped upon Americans this day by a happy irish man with wayyyyy too many fireworks

    Taylor PiersonTaylor PiersonPred 21 uro
  • You should play dying light again that was one of my favorite vids ever

    Jason BaileyJason BaileyPred 22 urami
  • Jack! I can’t breathe because I’m laughing WAY TOO HARD!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Gabriel CrawfordGabriel CrawfordPred 22 urami
  • This video gave me the laughter medicine I needed, thank you sir.

    Kaela Dawn McMahonKaela Dawn McMahonPred 22 urami
  • 12:41 sounds like a nuke

    lolski gameslolski gamesPred 22 urami
  • Your pc is not gonna be happy for this

    Henry Jr. Delos ReyesHenry Jr. Delos ReyesPred 23 urami

    Kitty PrydeKitty PrydePred 23 urami
  • 1915 rising colorized

    Chris the ZambamboChris the ZambamboPred 23 urami
  • I think thicc billy is a reference to Billy from Karlson which is a game made by dani, Because it has the robot face and dani makes thicc jokes

    SIR ISAACSIR ISAACPred 23 urami
  • The perfect game for Jack. Loud noises, and big explosions. *PERFECT!*

    Quentin DominguezQuentin DominguezPred dnevom
  • Art is an exposion -deadra 2017

    jon barnettjon barnettPred dnevom
  • No one tell him about the secret massive firework in the shop lmao

    KreiaKreiaPred dnevom
  • UHHHHH. That game intro music...that's the music from Danganronpa! I know because the Game Grumps only recently finished playing the first game, and I watched. THE GAME STOLE THE MUSIC FROM THE OTHER GAME! That has _never_ happened before in the history of games, ever! _Hopefully people know that's a joke, but that really is Danganronpa music_

    Kitty PrydeKitty PrydePred dnevom
  • Is the game tagged as hello neighbor for anyone else🤣

    Tyson obyrneTyson obyrnePred dnevom
  • it's vietnam again !!!

    ShadowstripeShadowstripePred dnevom
  • right when "I shouldn't be able to touch this, I am just going to leave" one second later he is laughing like crazy and putting more and more propane tanks or what ever 9:59

    talon clingertalon clingerPred dnevom
  • Why is hello neighbor tagged as the game?

    FlareFlarePred dnevom

    calamariaricalamariariPred dnevom

  • That is one to many fireworks.......MORE BOOM!!!!

    Nightmare PlayerNightmare PlayerPred dnevom
  • petition for Jack to be a firework

    James UmapathiJames UmapathiPred dnevom
  • Jack: Ahhhhhh! Jesus, I didn't think a firework game would be a jump scare.... Again...Again!

    Mat LampMat LampPred dnevom
  • You should do this again and look for Tim across the street from the gas station

    Anime lover 2903Anime lover 2903Pred dnevom
  • Think we can make some toast on the explostion/fire-??

    x_.Kyran._xx_.Kyran._xPred dnevom
  • This game needs to be renamed to "PTSD Simulator"

    AZGaming 99AZGaming 99Pred dnevom
  • The intro is the football locker room before a rivalry game

    XXPred dnevom
  • Jacob, o You missed the TIM, it in the convenience store next to the gas station, the explosion is HUGE

    Tyler WrightTyler WrightPred dnevom

    Alex DAlex DPred dnevom
  • Is this game on Xbox? If anyone knows any information please share it with me

    Big Boy FusionBig Boy FusionPred dnevom
  • Probably won't see this but there's hidden fireworks and explosive shit around the maps. Big explosion

    Potato ManPotato ManPred dnevom
  • me: **sees a jacksepticeye video** me again: don't mind if i yes.

    ThisIsAName YouDon'tLikeThisIsAName YouDon'tLikePred dnevom
  • How is this hello neighbor look in the desc

    John CharltonJohn CharltonPred dnevom
  • Me: 2021 BABY!!! Sean: 2021 BABY!!! Me: At this point "SLworlds" just has a mind of it's own.

    Charles NealCharles NealPred dnevom
  • more MORE!

    Galactic RangerGalactic RangerPred dnevom
  • You should probably have sunglasses on when playing this game.

    Lord of Light AlterLord of Light AlterPred dnevom
  • Easily my fav vid on youtube

    Nathan StrangNathan StrangPred dnevom
  • Watching this during a zoom: Your CPU usage is to high

    Gaming With NateLebbGaming With NateLebbPred dnevom
  • Hi Jack I'm a huge fan I just wanted to say there is a massive firework on that map close to the size of a truck

    Andy Wusky PupAndy Wusky PupPred dnevom

    Desiree LynchDesiree LynchPred dnevom
  • sean there is a massive fire work it look like a bomb hiden in the map

  • Jack does Firework Mania SLworlds: Hello Neighbor

    Lounging LeemaLounging LeemaPred dnevom