7. feb. 2021
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  • Another SLworldsr that uses death for views and likes. 🙄

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    • Isnt that what you did on your latest video?

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  • Jesus Christ why the hell did people do this to you jacki boy? I'm very sorry

    Andres does youtubeAndres does youtubePred 5 minutami
  • It's not surprising that so many people support this scam.

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    • What?

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  • I'm hear for you my dad left when I was born and died. Sorry for your loss

    mathurin Murphymathurin MurphyPred 8 minutami
  • jackscamiceye

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    • Going on tiktok with 110k followers 💀

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  • "I can't breathe" -George Floyd

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    • Honestly just fucking delete your account

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  • I feel very sorry for you

    Riley LisenbeyRiley LisenbeyPred 18 minutami
  • Jack, ignore the trolls. All they want is clout. Then they try and ruin your life, I feel your pain because my brother died of cancer.

    DesiredToBeANERDDesiredToBeANERDPred 18 minutami
  • 8:22 Sean snorted his dad's ashes.

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  • Sorry for your loss 😭

    Miles LunsfordMiles LunsfordPred 21 minuto
  • Hay im whith you all the way im sorry for your loss if you need anything just commint on my commint and i know how it feels to lose somone inpotant

    Eli FieldsEli FieldsPred 23 minutami
  • I know how it is to lose a loved one I lost my grandma a week ago it was horrible and I miss her so I know how you're feeling

    Jacob SweeneyJacob SweeneyPred 27 minutami
  • Im sorry man , its a real shame

    Diego AlfonsoDiego AlfonsoPred 32 minutami
  • why is it in my recomended list now!!....ah wtever i love u jack and sorry for ur loss....may his soul rest in peace...and dont mind about those meames about ut dad those guys are jerks!! just to let uknoe iam there for u....love u buddy😘❤❤

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  • I’m so sorry

    David AndersonDavid AndersonPred 33 minutami
  • I know what you are going threw and I hate all of those people cause they probly don't know how it feels and they are so rediculis I that I hope they think back on this and say I was such a dic* why would I do that

    Lucas LazovichLucas LazovichPred 33 minutami
  • I’m so sorry jack I just lost my dad in January so I know how you feel I’m 13 and this is a lot I wish you the best take your time and again know that he loves you.

    Coffee BeanCoffee BeanPred 34 minutami
  • I wonder if they had a traditional Irish wake afterwards? I've heard that it's a common way to pay respects to the one who passed away in Irish culture.

    Skagkiller1230Skagkiller1230Pred 35 minutami
  • My grandfather past away last 10 years ago family, cousins, uncle's, and aunties... seeing their pain and hurt in their eyes I don't want any loss in my family's bloodline.

    Samurai INOSSamurai INOSPred 36 minutami
  • It hurts me so much to see you like this, all my love goes out to you❤

    Nigel GorissenNigel GorissenPred 45 minutami
  • I didn't even hear about this till yesterday from my friends so although it's very late I'd like to give my condolences it's very shameful that people would make fun of someone's death. So sorry for your loss Sean.

    no oneno onePred 46 minutami
  • I'm sorry about your dad, we love you as much as you love us, you made my childhood a little less lonely, you taught me to be funny, and shine just a little positiveness in. You're such a big impact in my life. Although it's a little percent chance you'll see this but please know you're my hero :>

    Zack FazunilaZack FazunilaPred 49 minutami
  • We love you jack from the bottom of our hearts❤️💓

    Cayden BarberCayden BarberPred 55 minutami
  • I am so so so sorry

    Brian and LuluBrian and LuluPred 59 minutami
  • 2:32 people like that shouldn’t be on this Channel

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  • I'm very sorry for your father's death. Hope he is in a better place now....

    Christian Canali ShimizuChristian Canali ShimizuPred uro
  • Nothing but love and Respect for Jack. Jack I know what you are going through I've been there I know how you are feeling and no I won't disrespect Jack I like Jack sending love and hugs your way Jack and to your family as well

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  • We all love and support u jack we all love u

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  • If you make memes about this then go to the bottom of hell

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  • We all love you Jack, R.I.P to your dad, we all know he’s somewhere where he’s happy. 💗

    AngelicomAngelicomPred uro
  • We all love ya jack, hope you had a good valentines day.

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    • Did you like your own comment, thats pathetic

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    • STFU

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  • HA

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    • If I see you ever you better run

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    • Nice profile ma dude

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  • The fact that you have faked a smile on your hard days in hopes it would make someone else's day better. It breaks my heart, I would like to think that we have a better community 💔 Take your time healing Sean

    losingmysamitylosingmysamityPred uro
  • Hope you get through it jack ❤️

    Malachi McCoyMalachi McCoyPred uro
  • ❤️

    Florin BrunnerFlorin BrunnerPred uro
  • Rip 🙏

    Jake ChurchJake ChurchPred uro
  • Jack I know you’ve probably heard this a lot but I am so sorry about your dad, we’re all here for you and don’t you forget that the ones who made fun aren’t people you should listen too. The rest of us will always be here for you. Edit: I forgot to say this but we all hate to see you like this, don’t ever ever feel like we as a whole hate you we all love you so stay strong.

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  • Love ya jackie boy you can push through this its tough but you'll manage december 1st my childhood bestfriend my brother passed away due to a drug overdose so i feel your jackie hope all is well in present and future and hope your father soul is at rest RIP ❤️❤️

    Lane SchultzLane SchultzPred uro
    • @Jerry Gears i hope someone says sike when your loved ones die

      Arjun MahadevanArjun MahadevanPred uro
    • i feel sorry for your loss

      Arjun MahadevanArjun MahadevanPred uro
    • Jacksepticeye took the L

      Jerry GearsJerry GearsPred uro
  • This broke my heart im so sorry for your loss how dare those people do that to you again I'm sorry for your loss hope your doing ok

    HannahHannahPred uro
    • @Hannah Just ignore the creature.

      AllanRWOAllanRWOPred 55 minutami
    • @Jerry Gears i hope someone says sike when your loved ones die

      Arjun MahadevanArjun MahadevanPred uro
    • What do you maen L

      HannahHannahPred uro
    • Jacksepticeye took the L

      Jerry GearsJerry GearsPred uro
  • I thought dark humor was supposed to be funny

    CelebrimborCelebrimborPred uro
    • @Jerry Gears Do explain

      CelebrimborCelebrimborPred uro
    • @Jerry Gears seriously??I hope someone says sike when your loved ones die

      Arjun MahadevanArjun MahadevanPred uro
    • Jacksepticeye took the L

      Jerry GearsJerry GearsPred uro
  • To the people making fun of the loss Sean went through Makes me sick. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this Sean and hope your doing as good as you can 💜

    Miranda PadillaMiranda PadillaPred uro
    • @Jerry Gears i hope someone says sike when your loved ones die

      Arjun MahadevanArjun MahadevanPred uro
    • Jacksepticeye took the L

      Jerry GearsJerry GearsPred uro
  • I’m so sorry for your loss ik how it feels mad I lost both I was gone for 1 month and SLworlds has gone to shit

    Evan InmanEvan InmanPred 2 urami
    • Jacksepticeye took the L

      Jerry GearsJerry GearsPred uro
  • jack anyone who makes memes and jokes on the internet they just want your life because your great at your job and your a good person so you do you just be safe i will keep you in my prayers and much love and still take your time with your dad passing away we all love you so much and who ever leaves your channel while you dont post there not true followers for your channel and life i love you man your a great guy so you do more great things with your life while you still have the time

    Kevin CruzKevin CruzPred 2 urami
    • Jacksepticeye took the L

      Jerry GearsJerry GearsPred uro
  • I lost my father when I was 17 due to suicide and I couldn't imagine grieving while people all over the internet made fun of the situation. My heart goes out to you. I hope that your father is remembered and respected properly. Nothing is like losing a parent and the grieving process takes years to fully get over. Love and prayers for you and your family.

    Wolf BiteWolf BitePred 2 urami
    • i feel sorry for your loss.

      Arjun MahadevanArjun MahadevanPred uro
    • Jacksepticeye took the L

      Jerry GearsJerry GearsPred uro
  • I’m sorry man take ur time of SLworlds

    GOKO 213GOKO 213Pred 2 urami
    • Jacksepticeye took the L

      Jerry GearsJerry GearsPred uro
  • Rip jack's dad

    Mohamed HaouhamdiMohamed HaouhamdiPred 2 urami
    • @Jerry Gears i mean, no one cares what your saying so why you even taking time, wasting your precious seconds of life to do this man, if this is what you do all day, then what happened to you?

      H PepH PepPred 10 sekundami
    • Jacksepticeye took the L

      Jerry GearsJerry GearsPred uro
  • Love and support

    Shatney RacingShatney RacingPred 2 urami
    • Jacksepticeye took the L

      Jerry GearsJerry GearsPred uro
  • I am so sorry for your loss

    Shatney RacingShatney RacingPred 2 urami
    • Jacksepticeye took the L

      Jerry GearsJerry GearsPred uro
  • You'll get better my friend, you don't know me but you made me so happy back in the day with your skate 3 videos, stay strong ❤

    Flaky 420Flaky 420Pred 2 urami
    • Jacksepticeye took the L

      Jerry GearsJerry GearsPred uro
  • I may be three weeks late but in all seriousness the people who are making memes about your dad are just complete assholes and need to be stopped

    Jake from Jake FarmJake from Jake FarmPred 2 urami
    • Thats not nice

      Jake from Jake FarmJake from Jake FarmPred uro
    • Jacksepticeye took the L

      Jerry GearsJerry GearsPred uro
  • You are amazing Jack ❤️

    Maira AngamarcaMaira AngamarcaPred 2 urami
    • Jacksepticeye took the L

      Jerry GearsJerry GearsPred uro
  • I’m sorry Jack. I’m a late but I didn’t know. I’m so sorry Jack. He is in a better place and is watching you. Rip.

    Benjamin MaciasBenjamin MaciasPred 2 urami
    • Jacksepticeye took the L

      Jerry GearsJerry GearsPred uro
  • This is just beyond heartbreaking. Coping with a loss is one thing, trolls who make fun of it is another. Those trolls or scums need to learn how hard and how heavy it is to walk in Sean's shoes, they need to feel how painful it is to deal with a heartbreaking moment while being laughed at. People like this-- they can't be talked with. No matter how hard you try to reason with them, it will never work. People like this don't need to hear about what you say, they need to FEEL it. Hearing it is nothing, but feeling it is something. While Sean and the others were grieving, crying, and mourning-- the others were laughing, making jokes, and crying from laughter. People like these are why I question myself if this is a life worth living because there are people like that roaming around, feeling good about themselves. Every moment those who laugh about it brings Sean and the others shame. To whoever made jokes, I hope you're proud because you have officially gone as low as a human could possibly go.

    Yesh RyanYesh RyanPred 2 urami
    • Jacksepticeye took the L

      Jerry GearsJerry GearsPred uro
  • I’m sorry for your father’s death. People need to understand that a death is a very serious and painful experience. We all experience death and whoever makes a meme or joke about it is just pure hateful. I lost my uncle, my very close family friends mother her mother and my neighbor who toke care of me when my parents were busy all of them died. My prayers are for your family and I truly hope that even though he may be gone, he still loves you and your brother from the bottom of his heart. God will keep them safe and every parent wants their kids to be happy so just try be happy as much as possible. You’ll make your father very proud and I can tell you right now that he’s starting at you praying that you live just as a wonderful life as him and that will be strong throughput the toughest times while he’s gone. I’ll always support, may your father, Rest In Peace. God bless you!

    Golf ball headGolf ball headPred 2 urami
    • Jacksepticeye took the L

      Jerry GearsJerry GearsPred uro
  • Hope you will feel better soon, I have felt it before, get well soon

    Vinita KumariVinita KumariPred 3 urami
  • God will love you and your father and be kind to you in Heaven. God bless your family.

    Kate Ejiro OduwaKate Ejiro OduwaPred 3 urami
  • You had a great father I lost my grandfather last year I know what you’re going through it’s not easy if you want to take some time off then we will understand take care of yourself

    EncryptedEncryptedPred 3 urami
  • It really is cool that you and your dad had such a good relationship. Not that many people have that. My own was not a good man. Things will get better though once the pandemic slows down.

    Chris LobermeierChris LobermeierPred 3 urami
  • My god man, this shit has to stop. I've been with Jack along this journey for a long while and nothing like this has happened to him, how dare you guys make fun of such a sensitive topic. Jack if you read this, just know we who are loyal to you, will stick with you to the very end. -Love T.

    JuiceBoxJuiceBoxPred 3 urami
  • Man the people who made memes and just talked anything bad about this is just not fans theres just assholes that deserve hell and nothing else

    Kano FoxxSnipesKano FoxxSnipesPred 3 urami
  • Sorry for your loss Jack please feel better soon.

    Hamad Al-YousefHamad Al-YousefPred 3 urami
  • We love you Sean, I think about the possibility of my dad passing daily, ive only met him in August and I already feel such a string connection to him, stay strong Sean we love you, we've been here since the start, we watched you since you were so young you couldn't couldn't grow a beard, we watched you get stalked by evie and we were always scared, adoring, and happy-go-lucky right by your side, we love you so much Sean

    zombies4dinnerzombies4dinnerPred 3 urami
  • You take your time man. Fuck the scum that think it's funny

    Zach McCollimZach McCollimPred 3 urami
  • I know How It Feels Losing Someone Who You Love Is A Pain Im Sorry For This Sad Thing Happening And I Hate Those Toxics Peoples And We Are With You To Help You Too Jack ❤️

  • Damn wtf

    jordyn taylorjordyn taylorPred 4 urami
    • Not a very respectful comment for a video like this...

      AllanRWOAllanRWOPred 54 minutami
  • Hey I don't why this had to happen But I promise you I'm gonna find out who killed your dad The streets are cold dawg like it says in the book "we are blessed and cursed "

    Big SmokeBig SmokePred 4 urami
  • you are loved man remember that it’s always ok for you to be sad but remember the good times

    Eamon LashEamon LashPred 4 urami
  • Im so sorry man and I love you and I send your family my love xx

    Nico LongNico LongPred 4 urami
  • Sorry for ur loss

    NightmareNightmarePred 4 urami
  • Sorry for your loss jack I lost my dad when I was 4 and it’s been hard and I know how it feels

    R Noneya33R Noneya33Pred 4 urami
  • ❤️

    EscApeEscApePred 4 urami
  • Rip jack’s Dad

    Sushmita MadhulikaSushmita MadhulikaPred 4 urami
  • I am so sorry for your loss, to those people who made memes about it, if they just knew how hard it is to go through all this

    Danica LejicDanica LejicPred 4 urami
  • I wish you nothing but the best, man! My dad died at a young age and I know how hard losing a loved one can be. Stay strong, surround yourself with people you can trust and feel comfortable around. Good luck, Jack! Also; love your vids!

    quincy soaresquincy soaresPred 4 urami
  • We here man, i hope you can cope with it. I'd share my experience here but since no one's ever gonna read it i just hope u somehow know that we with you, and of course there are toxic fans. There are always toxic members of your community. Good luck man, godspeed.

    Walker SaraivaWalker SaraivaPred 4 urami
  • All love and support here from the retro family Jack, I understand how you feel and I hope you get better! Live Long and Prosper 🖖

    That80sBackupChannel -That80sBackupChannel -Pred 4 urami
  • Im sure your dad was a very good person and lived a good life

    GreatGreatGreatUncleJoe JoeJoeJoeGreatGreatGreatUncleJoe JoeJoeJoePred 4 urami
    • @Olivia Guo Excuse me?

      AllanRWOAllanRWOPred 53 minutami
    • boo

      Olivia GuoOlivia GuoPred 4 urami
  • The people who make fun of Jack's loss deserve to go to hell

    StegStegPred 5 urami
  • When I was nine years old, I lost my dad to malanoma. I know what it's like to lose a family member (especially a parent) and I empathise. Your father must be very proud of what you've become. Stay well, Jack.

    Stretched MickeyStretched MickeyPred 5 urami

      Jerry GearsJerry GearsPred uro
  • Not a fan. But heard about this. Sending best wishes to you and your family

    The Master NovaThe Master NovaPred 5 urami
  • Do atheists go to hell? No. What about people who make fun of a loss of a loved one? All the way down strait to the boiler room!

    ET PlayzET PlayzPred 5 urami
  • Your dad will be really proud of you God Bless you bro

    Tiger ShroffTiger ShroffPred 5 urami
  • Jack im sure hes proud of what youve been doing and to carry on doing what you love

    COSMICCOSMICPred 5 urami
  • Why do people make these negative comments to put others in a bad sutuation already worse. Your all dickheads and i hope you lose a loved one to understand how hard it is. Yea i lost my grandma we where really close. She died of cancer and when people at school found out they made fun of it and i never understand why.

    kingered GDkingered GDPred 5 urami
  • Just lost my father in September to cancer. We are all here for you. A lot of us know the pain this brings. Our thoughts are with you. To those who decided to make memes and make fun of this, you are the lowest of the low. Calling you cold hearted is an insult to cold hearted people. Your actions are extremely hurtful to many. Scumbags

    Quinn DickinsonQuinn DickinsonPred 5 urami
  • From the words you’ve said, he seemed like a great man. It would’ve been an honor to meet him. May he rest in peace and may you and your family be able to find happiness and peace in the future. Take all the time you need to to process and to grieve. There is no rush whatsoever to start making videos again. We’ll be here. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

    Pirate DadPirate DadPred 5 urami
  • This is HORRIBLE, Im so sorry you had to deal with people making fun. I lost my dad when I was around 1 (Im now 16) and people, to this day, still make fun of me for it. I hate how people make fun of these things. Its disgusting and horrible, and Im sorry you had to go through this Sean, no one should EVER go through this.

    Autumn PavaoAutumn PavaoPred 5 urami
  • I'm sorry for your loss Sean

    cripple a batteriescripple a batteriesPred 5 urami
  • Don't worry Sean the people who made fun of your dad they will know when it happens to them so bro don't worry try to remember the happy moments u had with your dad

    Vinash BalamurukanVinash BalamurukanPred 5 urami
  • Excuse me for my language here but it just so wrong and so fucked up that people think that it's funny to poke fun at a loved ones death, clearly they don't know what it feels like to lose someone they care about especially if it's someone who helped bring them into the world it's so fucked up that I really can't stand it and for that I hope end up having a miserable life for it that's the most sincere way I can put it

    ARC StormcrowARC StormcrowPred 5 urami
  • This was so heartbreaking. I'm so sorry for your loss Jack. I'd give you a big hug if I could and bring you down to the pub so you could tell me all the stories about it man. We are all here for you no matter what.

    Richie McNamaraRichie McNamaraPred 5 urami

      Jerry GearsJerry GearsPred uro
  • Sean I’m sorry people are doing you like this so FUCK those people that are making fun of ur dads death

    hnmvandekiefthnmvandekieftPred 5 urami
  • Jack It's a natural process of a human being People get borned People die It's nothing too hard to cope with if you get a good grip of what's happening We all have emotions we actually all do We feel sad about peoples passings But in summary,it's not a very crucial to us when you realise that you'll be fine without them.They were here to support you and you're there for their things.Think positive not negatively.

    IWDPTEPIWDPTEPPred 6 urami
  • Whilst I understand how.comedy can help, but making fun of others is a bit too far. In a world full of assholes, be kind. I know I havent been watching your videos as much but you've always been an inspiration to me. I understand your pain, and understandable why you would reconsider stuff. I hope you pull through this, and hope that you continue to spread your fantastic videos and inspiration that you gave me. And remember, PUNCH THAT GRIEF IN.THE FACE, LIKE A BOSS! (I hope this helps)

    A-misunderstoodHumanA-misunderstoodHumanPred 6 urami
  • Unfortunatly there will always be toxicity on the internet and of course someone of your stature, its hard to ignore. My deepest respect to you and your dad. Fuck those ppl do disrespected you both

    Tzar-TZTzar-TZPred 6 urami
  • Nothing but support jack 🙏🏽

    Ye Yeezy yeezy lmaoYe Yeezy yeezy lmaoPred 6 urami
  • I am so sorry I didn’t see this sooner. But I am very sorry for your loss. I remember my grandfather passed away last year. Now, most people would say “oh that’s normal” for us it wasn’t, he was only 65, he didn’t have much to work with due to what he was exposed to. But, I remember attending his funeral. Yet...how I handled it, I didn’t feel human. I didn’t feel right. Yet...I tried to basically spend every moment I could with him and seeing him happy before he left was the best thing I could’ve ever done. I didn’t mean to get personal but I know how it feels to lose someone. It’s sadly becoming a bit more familiar as my life goes on. But hey, good luck to you, your dad sounded like a great man, and I’m sure he’s proud of you.

    TheSlickSerpentTheSlickSerpentPred 6 urami